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On Navy ships we have the 'Chief's Mess' where the CPO's lived, worked and told tall tales, or 'Sea Stories'. Even the Captain included requested permission to enter the 'Mess', such was the respect accorded the rank of CPO. This 'Mess' is open to all military, their families and anyone else who would like to drop by and get a glimpse of military life. Politics is strictly forbidden in here, this is a place to come and share our best 'Sea Stories'. Welcome aboard!

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The Navy Chief Petty Officer "Chief" is the heart and soul of US Navy warships and the 'Chief's Mess' or 'Goat Locker' is where we ate, slept, joked, played games, conducted the business of running the ship and told tall tales, also know as 'Sea Stories' or 'No Shitters'. Such is the respect accorded Navy (and Coast Guard) Chief's that even the ship's Captain requests permission to enter the Mess. Our Chief's Mess will be different however, you see I have a very deep seated respect for anyone who has served our country honorably as well as their family members who have sacrificed so much in supporting them. So this 'Mess' will accept to membership anyone, from any service, of any rank and their families who wish to join and share their 'Sea Stories', their memories, or just wish to honor our men and women who have or currently do, serve our great country. If you are not former or current military or a family member you can't join the 'Mess' but you are welcome to stop by and leave a comment of support if you like.

There are some rules however that will be strictly enforced:
1. Foul language is not only allowed, but encouraged. We want you to be yourselves in here and besides a really great story oftens requires a good curse or two.
2. Personal attacks, politics, and hate speech of any kind will not be tolerated, will be deleted and the member banned from the 'Mess'.
3. Good natured ribbing that often goes on between the services is allowed as long as it is 'Good Natured'. Respect for the 'Mess' members is required to be a member in good standing.

Other then that, I hope that we can share some great stories and have a great time. Welcome aboard, permission to enter the 'Mess' is granted!